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Monday, November 06, 2006

Another Bump in the Road

As we were driving in to the hospital for pre-op this morning, we received a call from our surgeon's office. Due to a death in the family, he will be traveling to Georgetown, South Carolina on Tuesday and has rescheduled Henry's surgery for Monday, November 13.

Although this has jacked up our anxiety level a few degrees, we love our surgeon and send him our prayers and condolences.


Blogger Aunt Carroll said...

Dear Henry, Cynthia and Terry,

I just read about the rescheduling of Henry's surgery and I know that is a blow. It's terrible to build yourself up and get psyched only to have to put off the anxiety for another week. I am so glad that you love your doctor so much, that is important for all of you. I am sorry for his loss and I am sure he hates not being able to continue with original plan. Think of it this way, ya'll can have another week of normalcy and Henry, you can even get stronger with another week behind you. If memory serves me correctly I believe that will be a special anniversary for two people I know. How well I remember that night in my house not too long ago. I think that this will be a wonderful anniversary for you both. Maybe the hospital will bring you both a steak dinner or something...you can't get more romantic than that. I really have heard that they do that for new parents, I never got steak but hopefully you will!

Henry, now to you, you will do great during the surgery. I know you will be so glad when it is over. You are a tough kid and you just have to realize that you are going to come through with flying colors and it will be all behind you. I know it has not been fun but you are on the way to cleaning up the remnants of Lamar. He will be history once and for all. As I hope you always know, we love you very much and think of you so many times during each day. Talk to you soon. By the way, your Halloween picture was wonderful - Great Costume!

Love, Aunt Carroll

7:41 PM  
Blogger AuntScott said...


Well, well... This gives you a few more days to use what little is left of you to think about your impending annihilation. Good riddance.

8:13 AM  
Blogger Grandma said...

Henry, Cynthia & Terry,
I heard about the delay in your surgery last night from Aunt Scott. We all are disapointed, we wanted things to get over. But things change, we have to make the best of it, God will take care of all situations.
My church will have more days to pray for your clean bill of health and you will be so much stronger. Your Halloween costume was great, what a great idea. Maybe text Halloween you and Penton can get together in costume and have a big party, you both would love that.
You are such a trooper you will get through this with bells on. We know you can take care of the situation. Keeping you in our prayers. Love, Grandma Dot

11:01 AM  
Anonymous AIdan Maifeld said...

Dear Henry,

Hi. It's me Aidan. I don't know when I'm visiting you but I hope it will be soon. Good luck with the surgery. I hope Lamar will disappear from the chemo/surgery and all my thoughts to get rid of him. Send him away for good on an all expense business trip to Antartica for good. Then we can have a lot of fun without Lamar.


8:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sam here. I hope you are feeling well and that your surgery goes well. My mom had chemotherapy like you did and she's doing okay too. You're going to be fine Henry. Come visit us in Seattle, Washington one day soon. We have a dog that is really special to us. Her name is Brownie I hope you could meet her soon.


9:15 PM  

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