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Friday, October 13, 2006

Save the Date

Surgery is now confirmed for Wednesday, November 8. We will go to the hospital Monday morning for pre-op (more blood tests and what-not) but won't be actually admitted to the hospital until 5am (!) Wednesday morning. Henry will have his head mapped with sensors for the Stealth Guidance System (Yes, that's the real name...sort of a GPS for the brain!) and then sent to yet another MRI at about 7am. He'll probably be in the operating room by 9am, but last time it took almost three full hours to configure the computer for the Stealth before they actually went in. Recovery time should be five to seven days following the surgery.


Blogger Aunt Carroll said...

Hey Henry, this is your cousin Sim. I am so proud of you for being so brave and strong. I know that this is so much harder than anything I could ever imagine. I love you!

Cousin Sim

11:14 PM  
Anonymous Amy Cross said...

Henry, Terry and Cynthia,

We are happy to hear how well Henry is doing. Henry, you are wuppin' up on Lamar like Muhammad Ali on Sonny Liston!! We are pulling for a KO (victory by knock out)!!

Terry, I love the blog! David Lauderdale better be watching his back side! It is a great way to keep many people informed and you do it in the most entertaining manner.

I am glad that Henry saw West Side Story (I loved and recommend it as a must see). I am sorry that we did not connect afterwards.

Henry, just like everyone else, I am in awe of your courage and attitude. You may have to hit the public speaking circuit or write a book to teach the rest of us how to face our own minature Lamars with such bravery.

Know that the Cross family keeps you all in our prayers. We would like to help in whatever manner that we can - I will call you, Cynthia, to discuss.

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Ms Bowman said...

Henry and family,
I am touched by your absolute devotion and strength. I am praying for you and keeping positive thoughts.

6:18 PM  

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