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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cycle "B" Begun...

Home from the hospital by 1pm today.

After spending most of the day getting IV hydration, Henry received a dose of Vincristine followed by a dose of carboplaten (the carboplaten can cause dehydration, which is why we have to spend a night in the hospital for hydration on the first day), and then a "hot dog pill" of Etopside by mouth. He will continue to take Etopside for the next 21 days.

After getting through the first cycle with few side effects (other than the hair loss), it appears that the Etopside is causing some nausea and fatigue that we may have to contend with. We have four additional meds to help with stomach and infection issues, but hopefully we won't have to do the home injections.

Next Tuesday is our last scheduled chemo treatment at the clinic, although we'll have other visits for blood tests during the following two weeks.

Our MRI is scheduled for 11am on Tuesday, Oct 10, and we meet with our surgeon at 1:45 that same afternoon.

Keep your fingers crossed!



Anonymous The Maifelds said...

Of course I cried..... but happy tears! You all have strength and courage. This journey sucks but we're all in this together.... and I'm right there with you!

Love, Sharon

3:57 PM  

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