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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Under the Weather

Last Tuesday we went to the clinic for blood tests. Although his total white cell count was quite low, his infection-fighting cells were up. Since we are not currently giving home injections to boost cell production, we just need to be extra careful in guarding against infection.

With three days left in the chemo pill regimen, Henry bottomed out these last few days. He has been riding waves of nausea which make it all the more difficult to take his oral medications. Nothing tastes good to him right now, and he is very sensitive to smells. Although he missed school for most of last week, he and Mama have worked diligently to keep up with school work, and he created a great pop-up book report. His regular classroom teacher will start coming to the house for homebound lessons on days he can't get to school.

Dad has been MIA for most of last week. Leaving by 6am and getting home after midnight meant not seeing the family for days on end, and leaving Mama with all the caretaking duties (not the least of which is the taking of the dreaded "P"). Putting up a big musical is always arduous, and this production was particularly demanding. We took Henry to the opening on Friday but he really didn't feel well. He very much wanted to go to the opening night party (held at a local seafood place), but as soon as we arrived the smells of the restaurant immediately made him feel sick, so we did not stay.

He has had friends over much of the weekend which keeps his spirits up, and he has been able to have fun.

We go back to the clinic Monday for more blood tests. Wednesday we meet with a local volunteer from the Make a Wish foundation. The MRI, followed by our appointment with the surgeon, is on Tuesday, October 10.

- Dad


Blogger AuntScott said...

Hi there Henry! It sounds as if you are getting close to the last treatment before your next test. I hope you are past all of the rotten "P" pills. The weather here in Atlanta has been very cool. I bet it's cooling off near the water. Do you get to go to the beach often? Penton is going on his first field trip tomorrow. That should be interesting - he's never been on a school bus before! Well, just checking in to see how you're feeling. I hope that the nausea is starting to let up. We miss and love you! Looking forward to the next posting - thanks Dad!!

Aunt Scott, Uncle Shane and Penton

1:16 PM  
Blogger Grandma said...

It's now October, the leaves are turning, the weather is cooler and we are still praying that Lamar has gone, sure hope your report is good on the 10th. Our church is in constant prayer that you will get a good report.
Hope you are feeling better, I know you would love that.Mrs. Frances Milton sent you 2 caps that she made, she is in my Sunday School class and good friend.
Hope Mom & Dad are doing good. We went to see Penton Sunday. I fried chicken (his favorite food) also potato salid, green beans, macoronie & cheese, tea and rolls. I had baked heart shaped cakes for him to put Iceing on. Also took him some cherry tomatoes, he likes them.
He was busy watching a ball game, so I didn't get much attention from him.
Love, Grandma Dot

8:09 PM  
Blogger UncleShane said...

Hey there Skeeedrow! You know Henry, my ancestors have called children "Skeedrow" for centuries. It's an old Native American word that means, "word that we just made up". I can't wait until we get the chance to explore another cave (not the kind that are at the lake, though). I took Penton and a friend of his up to Dahlonega, Georgia a couple of weeks ago and they had the biggest cave that you could ever imagine. It was a GOLD MINE and they actually let us pan for gold. Next time you are in Georgia, we are there, Skeedrow. Did I tell you that that's an old Eskimo word that means "some old Indian word"? Hang in there! I am very proud of you and we will see you soon.
Uncle Shane

10:59 PM  

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