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Friday, September 01, 2006

Tomorrow: Begin Cycle B

Tuesday at 9am we get admitted back into the hospital. The first treatment involves a day of hydration, blood tests, and a dose of chemo.

Meanwhile, Henry has been back in school and, although he's lost most of his hair, he's feeling good. He has caught up with spelling, working on reading for a book report, and of course, playing video games. Mario Bros. are the preferred choice at present, with Paper Mario being particularly in favor (although Mama & Dad prefer Mario Party 7).

New video games were part of the consolation prize for Henry going to the hospital initially. Dad picked up 5 Gamecube games on the way to Savannah. Lucky for us, the hospital has a few donated Nintendo systems on carts that could be wheeled into the rooms in PedICU. That helped save us those first two weeks.



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