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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Entering the Celebratory Season

Thursday we went to the clinic for blood tests and, although on the way back up, Henry's white blood counts "just missed the cut," as the doctor said, so he will not go back to school before Wednesday.

Henry's teacher came for a homebound session on Friday. He did excellent on his spelling and vocabulary tests.

Last night we dug out the boxes of Halloween decorations from our storage shed. Henry has been feeling better every day, and was in a fun and feisty mood all evening. He loves Halloween, and couldn't wait to get the decorations unpacked. We decided to plan some extra in-house activities, since we don't know how Halloween will land in the surgery and hospital schedule. We will find out next Tuesday, but surgery could occur as early as the week of the 16th, with at least a 10-day hospital stay.

This MRI and consultation seemed so far away while we were dealing with the day-to-day chemo issues, and now that the day is suddenly upon us we parental units find ourselves swept up in anxieties that have been kept at bay for a couple of months. Nevertheless, we are ready to move forward and have every reason to hope for the best.


Blogger Brett and Bryce said...

Hey Henry, I'm glad the chemo is over and we're ready to move on and eliminate Lamar from the picture completely. It's been a long hard battle for you and Mom and Dad and you have all been awesome through the rough times. You just keep showing Lamar whose boss and make him wish he had never intruded on this family! He picked on the wrong guy...he didn't realize just how strong you are.
We have all been decorating around here. Everyone in the neighborhood tries to beat Aunt Scott, Uncle Shane and Penton every year and somehow we always come up short. They come up with some great new idea and makes everybody's elses decorations look lame! Penton wanted to be a team when I started Halloween decorating before he did...now he's just taken off and left me. I'll get Aunt Scott to send you pictures.
You just keep being strong and brave and give Lamar a total, one punch KO at the MRI this week!
Hope to see you soon. Brett and Bryce would love to play!
You, Mom and Dad are always in my thoughts and prayers!
Teresa (Brett and Bryce's Mom)

10:00 AM  
Blogger Aunt Carroll said...

Dear Henry, Cent and Terry,

I hope this finds the three of you all well. Henry, I know you are getting stronger each day that your white count is going up. We think of you all of the time but you will be especially on our minds this week with everything coming up. I have every confidence that the chemo (though yucky) has tied Lamar in knots and kicked him off the planet forever.
You are and have been so very brave even when times were extremely tough. Everyone I know is so very proud of you. You have people from all over the country cheering you on and sending love and support. The Montgomery area is right there in the heart of them, there is a whole lot of love and pride coming your way.

I cannot believe all of the cool hats you have- we will have to send you a Montgomery Bisquit hat if you don't have one already. (I'm sorry, though our baseball team is truly great and had a wonderful season, the name drives me crazy) The Bisquits....

We will be in touch this week and know you are getting stronger minute by minute. Much love to you, Mama and Dad.
Aunt Carroll

3:44 PM  
Blogger bean said...

Hey Henry,

You probably do not remember me, my name is Vivian (a.k.a Bee or Bean) I am Aunt Carroll's sister and I was your very first babysitter. The first time you stayed with me... you were all too unhappy about not being with your sweet mama and daddy (who could blame you?) Though the first time was a bit rough....after that you and I became fast friends and you loved to play with the dogs I had at the time Rosebud and Gracie. I have been thinking of you each day as well as my students. Know that you are constantly being admired for your unbelievable bravery. I know this week may not be the funnest but won't it be great to tell Lamar good bye?

I am jealous that you already have your Halloween decorations out...We have not even pulld ours down from the attic yet...that is a must this week. Your sweet Aunt Scottie was the one who showed me how much fun Halloween could be...it is now my favorite.

I will be thinking of you this week. I am sending love to you your sweet mama and daddy.

Much love to you all,
Bean/Bee/Vivian (I have grown to answer to almost anything)

9:06 PM  
Anonymous charlie Caldwell said...

Dear Terry and Cynthia, This blog things is great! I've never seen one before and it's a great way to catch up on Henry's progress. I love the photos too. It's been so long since I've seen him and he's a beautiful combination of the both of you.

It sounds as if things are going pretty well. I hope that all continues as well. You are all in my prayers every day. Love, Charlie

9:39 AM  
Blogger bean said...

Henry, Cent and Terry,

Just a quick note to let you know I am thinking of you! My Fourth Grade class will be thinking of you on Tuesday and sending you the best wishes.

Much Love,

11:00 PM  
Blogger bug/applehead said...

Dear Cermaks,It has taken me a month to get the blog on my computer--being the high-tech whiz that I am. I know you all will be glad when Lamar makes his final exit--Henry, you are a perfect role-model for anyone who wants to be brave and patient--not to mention, precious‚Č• I know Mere is up there as proud of you as we are. It will be over, soon,--and we will get Simbo to take us all to the beach. whoopee! Take care and know that we all think of you all the time and love all three of you. Your Mom has been like a daughter to me for a long time & is very special--that makes you my grandson! love,

5:44 PM  
Anonymous alec steel said...

henry and i started the lizard man comic in third grade. we had alot of fun. henry i will always miss you.
Alec steel

9:14 AM  

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