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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Henry, the Hero

Henry felt pretty nauseous and fatigued today, so he stayed home from school.

In my hurried attempts to get the facts down, I haven't written much about what a champion Henry has been though this ordeal. Yes, he has been fearful, angry, frustrated and frustrating at times. He has occasionally made some of the simplest procedures more difficult by fussing and fuming. But he has also been amazingly courageous, accepting, accommodating, funny and philosophic.

We are very, very proud. He has waited literally hours for treatments and procedures, been able to lie still for thirty-minute long brain scans, been stuck, poked and prodded in every conceivable location, has been given upward of a hundred different medications by way of multiple delivery systems, has been examined by no fewer than 40 doctors and specialists, put up with home injections by Mama and Dad, been denied food for days while waiting for procedures and ended up too sick to eat when they were finished. He has lost most of his summer, some of the new school year, and all of his hair.

Through it all he has kept his curiosity, humor and spirit. He's full of questions to everyone about what they are doing and wants to explore all the equipment. He jokes with the doctors and nurses and sings their praises (He told Dad: "You need to give them a $100 dollar tip!). He has downplayed his surgery, stating: "It's only brain surgery...they didn't operate on my heart!"

While it's true that every trip to the hospital or clinic has not been cause for celebration, every trip home has been. The Henry we know and love always comes out in full force during the drive home, and he buoys all our spirits.

He has jumped back into his schoolwork and faced his classmates with aplomb. When asked if he wished to address the class about his condition, he did so with honesty, directness and confidence. His classmates have elected to take turns wearing hats to school to show support and solidarity with Henry. His guidance counselor said "Henry is our hero."

Mine, too.



Blogger AuntScott said...

Hello Henry!!

You are indeed my hero as well. I'm so proud of you and wish I could hear ALL of the great witty conversations that you're having with your doctors. I know you're keeping them on their toes with your quick sense of humor. Sometimes a good laugh can be better than any medicine. I am thinking about you every day and thank your mom and dad for the blog updates. I love you.

Aunt Scott

10:55 AM  
Blogger Court said...

Hey Henry!
I've only met you once i think. but i've heard so much about you! you have been so brave and i wish i could have half of your sense of humor! i hope you are doing well. We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers everyday.
Love, Courtney

5:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Henry,

I am so very impressed with Henry's Blog! It is so great for those of us who want to know everything you are doing and how Lamar is being zapped through and through. He is losing control and he knows it. I will continue to write, I would have written sooner but Uncle Bo just got the Blog address.

Henry, you know we are ALL so very proud of you. I think you are so brave and courageous. You have been through some pretty unpleasant stuff. Stuff that would break most grown ups. Keep being strong and prove to Lamar just WHO IS BOSS.

Uncle Bo, Sim, Sister and I think of you every single day we are sending you love all the time (even when you are not aware of it). I love all of your pictures and remember how much fun Sister had with you at the lake. She still talks about tubing, wants to go again but will only go with you, (not even me, her own mother...)

I hope today, Sept. 20th, is a good day. I cannot believe you are back in school I am so glad. It sounds like everyone is supportive and in your corner with this. Does this ordeal make you want to be a doctor, maybe a pediatric neurosurgeon? Just think of all of the Lamars you could massacre for other kids.

Please give Mama and Dad my love and thank them for this site. It is so good to know just how great you are doing. You are an amazing boy and we are so proud of you. Write when you can.

Aunt Carroll

10:51 AM  

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