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Monday, February 05, 2007

Radiation Begins Wednesday...

...we think.

Henry and Mama have been through an intense and ever-changing daily schedule since Dad left last Tuesday. With physical, speech and occupational therapies, assorted CRT and MRI scans, miscellaneous tests and meetings with doctors, counselors, social workers and educators they have barely found time for lunch. Although he has been very tired and somewhat testy, Henry the professional patient has re-emerged and has brought his own determination and goals to the party. He has set his own pace for increasing his walking ability, and challenged himself with keeping up a nerve-wracking testing regimen.

Sunday night Mama and Henry went to bed early since the first appointment on Monday was at 6:30 AM. Henry, however, was kept up with a stomach ache, and by 4AM began vomiting. Although the nausea subsided, Mama was looking to cancel the morning agenda (which included a spinal tap), but Henry said he wanted to go ahead with the day's plans. He completed the first procedure (another MRI - will they never end?) but the staff felt that the vomiting might be a virus, so they postponed the spinal tap until tomorrow.


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