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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Fun Facts Amout Memphis

  • Driving to Memphis from Montgomery, take Route 78 in Birmingham through Tupelo, MS. Once over the TN border, R78 becomes Lamar Avenue.

  • Elvis lived for a few months at 2414 Lamar in 1955.
  • Just past the Memphis airport, Lamar Avenue crosses Getwell Road.
  • 1414 Getwell Road is the last home Elvis' family rented in Memphis in 1955 and 1956.

  • A young cook at the snack bar of the Pink Palace Museum in Memphis named a sandwich after himself: the Lamario Special.

  • Mario, Henry's favorite video game series, has been named the 2006 Man of the Year by GamePro Magazine.

  • The senior US senator from Tennessee is Lamar Alexander.

  • After firing Lemario, the snack bar at the Pink Palace renamed the sandwich the Lamar Special.

  • In the last known sighting of Elvis, he was seen in LeBonheur Children's Hospital, dressed in a silver lame suit signing autographs as Lamar Alexander.*
*This last item is probably not true.


Anonymous Richard said...

Let's not forget the Lamar Hotel in Memphis which is very close to Lamar Jewelry on Lamar Avenue.

1:49 PM  
Anonymous suzanne said...

how is henry? you wrote about memphis...but i want to know about henry...thanks suznne thomas

6:14 PM  
Anonymous suzanne said...

please let me know how henry is doing....suzanne thomas

6:15 PM  

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