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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Henry had an MRI at 2:45PM today. Dr. T happened to be on the floor and immediately examined the results.

There are few certainties when dealing with these issues, but when the worrying, cautious, and careful Dr. T says "I don't think there's any tumor left," you can pretty much take that to the bank.

Henry is recovering remarkably well, although he is in pain and will struggle for a while with some motor skills, especially on the left side. These should be minor and not long-lasting. Even Dr. T was impressed, watching Henry touch his own nose and then touch the doctor's fingers. "Take a look at that," he said proudly to his assistant.

It's hard for Henry to swallow and talk, having had a breathing tube down his throat for two days, but he talks (hoarsely) when he needs to and as I write this is enjoying a grape popcicle.

There will be some debate over the next few days over the risk/benefit ratio of radiation therapy. If we go that route, it could start in two weeks.

We are overjoyed. We have felt all the love and good wishes from so many wonderful, gracious people. We owe you all so much.

During our stays at the hospital, we have shared the ICU with some dear families who have not been as fortunate as we are. As our hearts go out to them, we recognize the magnitude of our blessings.

This will be a very special Thanksgiving.


Blogger Aunt Carroll said...

Well, well, well...it took a while but Lamar FINALLY got the message and took the one way bus far far away. He will never ever return. We will never know exactly where that one way bus took him but it's not looking like a nice place...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the most glorious news I could ever hear right now. The Hero won the battle, just as we all knew he could do. We could not be any more elated. Cynthia, I just got your message and got so emotional as I heard it. What a difficult, terrifying, rough 3 or so months for all of you. Though what little comfort it is right now, I can not help but think that this experience has joined the three of you so tightly together. I would imagine it has stregthened all of you as well. Henry is superman and I am so very proud of his courage and bravery. He is amazing.

Thank you for making our day, month, year etc., this is such a gift. I think I love Dr. T and would give him a huge hug if I saw him. He must have known how special Henry was from the very beginning.

Mama sends all of her love too. She is elated. She has been trying to write to you all but is afraid it never made it because it doesn't show up on this. She will keep trying.

So very much love to all of you,
Aunt Carroll

8:14 PM  
Blogger Teresa G said...

Henry, what great news! We have all been praying for you and are so excited that the long surgery was so successful :) You are a special boy. I am sure your strength, humor and determination throughout this process have all helped get rid of Lamar!

Teresa G, Big Steve & Nick (aka Nicholas)

8:32 PM  
Blogger Grandma said...

Henry, We all celebrate the great news. I went to church tonight to tell the wonderful news, everyone is still praying for comfort for you and your Mom & Dad.
What a wonderful Thanksgiving, God is so good and we thank him for taking care of our precious Henry.
I have only seen you one time and that was a while ago but I love you like one of mine, you are in my prayers every day, I knew Lamar would have to leave Savannah in a hurry. I wish you a speedy recovery so you can celebrate a Merry Christmas. Love, Grandma Dot

8:36 PM  
Blogger cheeches said...

Hi Henry, Cent and Terry,

I just heard the awesome news and I am thrilled! It has been a long, tumultous, scary, and often cruel road but I imagine the final destination has been worth the ride. I cannot even begin to imagine all the emotions and anxieties and anger and questions, etc., etc. that you have all felt over the past few months, but I know the emotion and relief and happiness of this moment are huge. Scottie shared with me a sentiment that you told her yesterday...I hope you don't mind. She said that you couldn't really explain it in words, but that everything around you looks different now and that you will never forget that people everyday experience this pain that we're not exposed to daily...I want to share with you that albeit I'm removed to some degree, this experience has made a tremendous impact on me and my family and I thank you for letting me share this insight and joy. I always felt that "this too shall pass", but there were bumps along the way that just left feelings that Henry and your family should not have to endure this pain. No one should. I now know never to question God's infinite wisdom. He had a plan all along and knew the outcome would be one that would bring joy to all. I want you all to know that you will always be in my thoughts and prayers. As a Mom, I know the lengths that one will go to to protect your child from any pain and suffering. Cent, I commend you and Terry for the faith and strength you have shown to bring Henry to this point. Again, I can't imagine what I would do. You are obviously unbelievable parents - I'm not sure many children could have gone through what Henry has gone through with the courage and strength he had and never lost his wit and humor and just the amazing fortitude he exudes. All of this came from wonderful parenting and love. I am truly blessed to know each of you and to have witnessed such a miracle through you. I cannot wait to see all of you and, yes, there is so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and Christmas! I hope Henry is well enough to travel during the holidays and you guys can make a trip to Atlanta. We will all have a party to celebrate the demise of Lamar!!

Love to you all,
Teresa Jackson

9:34 PM  
Blogger AuntScott said...


Clearly the path you've cleared has had an impact on hundreds, if not thousands of people...in just a mere three months. So few people in a lifetime truly effect others in a way that's permanent. You have done that. This is true and you need to know it. It's not just the way you faced (and annihilated) Lamar or how you accepted the dreaded "P" pill or how you made others laugh on the eve of yet another brain surgery - all heroically. It's simply you. Your zest, humor, magnetism and courage are contagious, even to those who only know you through others. You inspire me, Henry. Just know that.

I love you,

Aunt Scott

12:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

THANK'S God !!!!! So many people love you and pray for you !!!!
Big hug's and kiss from Eliane ! French Friend !!!!!

9:46 AM  
Blogger bean said...

Way to go! What perfect news. I am so proud of you and I could not have asked for anything more. Henry you have been so strong and brave....Lamar knew you were too much for him. It's a good thing he tucked his tail and ran. Know that you truly are a hero.

Much love to you all!

8:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Henry, I went out to sweep my porch this clear blue morning. Leaning on the broomstick, I looked down and noticed a small ant singlehandedly wrestling this boulder of a crumb. It was 7 times his size. He tried nudging it up and down. He crawled on top of it, then over it, then circled it. Again and again. Suddenly, he just lifted up the enormous load and bustled towards the other end of the porch. He was joined by 2 other ants, who came along Ant #1. The three of them skittled onward- each toting a piece of the burden for the remainder of the porch. The sun seemed to shine more brightly on the path they blazed. Gleaming promises reflected off their trail along the painted boards.
I thought of you and your parents. I thought to say to you all, " Well Done!". May God continue to shine His face upon you..you are, afterall,
His Beloved.

11:18 AM  
Anonymous silentk said...

Long live Lamar's demise!

What a wonderful Thanksgiving for you all.


7:31 PM  

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