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Monday, November 13, 2006

Day of Surgery: Running Timeline

Updated 2:10 AM

7:01 AM
Henry went to radiology for his MRI. This is the roadmap for the Stealth Guidance System during the Surgery. Henry, being an old pro of the MRI, of course did great.

As we left Radiology, our surgeon, Dr. T, joined us and we spoke for a while. He was refreshed and seemed very prepared. He has allowed 12 hours for the surgery so that he can take his time. He is determined to get it all today.

7:57 AM
Henry left Pre Op and officially entered the OR at 8:07 AM. There will be between an hour and an hour-and-a-half setting up the equipment. The nurse will call us when the surgery actually begins and give us hourly updates.

9:40 AM
The Surgical Nurse called to say that the surgery had begun about 9:35 AM and that Henry was doing great, his vitals were all good and everything is proceeding as it should.

"He's a very colorful character," she added, "and he kept us all very entertained," before he went under the anesthetic.

11:02 AM
Nurse S called to say that Dr T had just set up for the microscopic work and proceeding to the tumor. Vital signs remain strong.

1:20 PM
Dr. T has reached the tumor and is peeling away microscopic segments slowly and diligently.

4:30 PM
Nurse S called to report that surgery is continuing without incident. It remains, however, very slow going. Henry is on some kind of motorized, pivoting bed that can rotate to different angles. Dr T has been moving him around a lot, examining and taking different approaches. When asked, Dr. T said it was going "pretty well." Coming from a natural worrier, we'll take that as a good sign.

5:30 PM
Nurse S reported that Dr. T believes he has removed about half of the remaining tumor at this point. Henry is still in good shape with strong vital signs, is comfortable and "toasty," and, except for its length, the surgery appears to be continuing well.

8:30 PM
Nurse S asked Dr. T how we are doing and he told her "we're making progress."

11:00 PM
Nurse S: Dr. T paused to have a bagel and some juice. He feels that he has two areas remaining that need to be reached. He is incredibly dedicated to removing as much tumor as humanly possible.

1:05 AM
Nurse S called to say that she thought we were honing in on the last stages of surgery. Dr. T continues to search every nerve fiber for tumor material, but the bulk of it has been removed. Closing has not yet begun and will take at least another hour, so we still have some time to go.

1:50 AM
Closing begun. Dr. T likes to stay with the patient until he starts to regain consciousness. Then, Henry will be brought up to PedICU.


Blogger Grandma said...

Thanks for the info about Henry and his progress. We have been in prayer all day. He will keep getting better, he is our GREAT TROOPER we are all praying for him and his family.
He has a super surgeon and team, we pray for them also.
Love,Grandma Dot

9:27 PM  
Anonymous The Maifeld Family said...

Thanks for the running time line. It let's us be there with you. We're thinking good thoughts and cheering Henry on! We hope that you can feel all the hugs and kisses we're sending your way. Tell Henry he's our hero!. Love, Kevin, Sharon, Aidan and Sam

10:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In every forest there is a trail that leads a winding way to a brilliance of a Wonder to behold.
Blaze on, Henry, to your Victory!

8:18 AM  

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