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Saturday, January 20, 2007

What Happens Next?

The last couple of days have been marked by a tough recovery period for Henry. The good news: Dr. B came by this morning and said that Henry's recovery is ahead of what would be expected.

The bad news: he feels like holy heck. He has, of course, the post operative pain of the head and neck, double vision (as he did after both previous surgeries), constipation (also as previously experienced), hoarseness, and difficulty swallowing (ditto, although not as bad). He also is exceptionally weak - much more so that previously. As of Saturday, he cannot walk on his own, and has no stamina: a short trip to physical therapy totally exhausted him yesterday. He has been waking up frequently during the night with bad dreams, and has been uncharacteristically bitter and hostile.

Yesterday we thought we might be released today (Saturday), and on Monday Henry would be entered into the system at St. Jude. We changed our flight home from Saturday the 27th to Tuesday the 23rd, expecting to return to Memphis for the first radiation treatment by Monday the 29th.

We now don't know if he'll be released this weekend or if he'll be fit to travel by Tuesday. We do feel that it's important for all of us to get home for at least a little while before starting 6 1/2 weeks of therapy in Memphis, but we have to stay a little fluid right now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's so amazing reading about this journey and feeling the energy you all are able to hang on to in the challenging days you have had. Thank you so much for tackling that pesky Internet at the hospital to keep us updated. More people than you could imagine are with you in mind and spirit, thinking of all of you, praying for Henry and just "in your corner." You continue to inspire me with your strength and get it done attitude.

7:17 PM  

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