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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Sweet Baby Boy

We found this in our inbox this morning:

hey there Cermaks... i was just reading over the blog. still check it out occasionally... and just wanted to scoot u guys an email and say hello and let u know i still think about your sweet baby boy!!! i was a student when i met Henry, but he brought so much joy and made all the stresses of school so worth it. and was a quick reminder of y i chose this field... i so looked forward to going to clinic everyday to c what jokes and stories Henry had to tell us. he was such a happy fella... i wish i knew him longer and not just at clinic. but n that little time i got to know him... i learned he was a very smart, sweet, special boy! i just want to thank u guys for allowing me to b a special part of your SPECIAL boys life. i will never forget u guys and especially not your little man. take care... and i'll keep checking in... here's a pic of us and our daves... which i still have n my car on my odometer, so i c him EVERYDAY... still!!! i think of your special boy EVERYDAY! he made a huge impact n my life...

love Meg...


Blogger theatreknitter said...

Terry and Cynthia,

I have been drawing on Henry's strength lately, I hope he has enough to share with all of us. My 2 1/2 year old nephew was diagnosed with medulloblastoma on Aug 31st. At this point everything is looking great, as they were able to get a 100% resection. Now it's the chemo wait.

I hope that Patrick can someday know and understand that there is strength coming from everywhere.

5:00 PM  

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