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Thursday, March 06, 2008

My, Oh My, Ommaya

Yesterday we met with our Duke neurosurgeon, Dr. G2 (I guess we've pretty much made it through the alphabet). We went through all the procedures, toured the facility and signed the consent forms. Henry examined one of the Ommaya reservoirs and viewed a video showing their use. The results of the blood test on Monday showed an increase of anti-coagulants which Dr. G2 felt was from the heparin flush through the port where the blood was drawn. He took a new sample from the arm, and we went back to the hotel. While Mama and Dad debated how to spend the afternoon, Henry fell into a deep sleep. Then the clinic called to say that while the new blood test was greatly improved, it still showed a high amount of anti-coagulants, and they wanted to take another sample at 5pm. So we go to the surgery clinic on the third floor at 4:30 and they tell us their lab is closed but, no problem, the lab on the fourth floor is still open and we get the test.

We got up at 5am this morning [March 7] to get to the hospital at 6:15 for pre-op. Just as Henry is getting his anesthesia, the nurses and residents are in a tizzy. Last evening's blood sample still tested slightly high for anti-coagulants so Dr. G2 ordered platelets for a small transfusion during the surgery, but since the blood was drawn in a different lab, the sample wasn't screened for type so the platelets weren't ordered. They told us that the surgery would be delayed at least an hour. Eventually, Dr. G2 decides not to delay. He ordered the platelets and started the proceedings with a spinal tap requested by Dr. G(1), who did not get enough fluid from Tuesday's draw. This time, however, Henry was happily sedated for the lumbar puncture.

Two hours later Henry was safe and sound in recovery. We transferred to a ward room, got a CAT scan to check the reservoir placement, and got released at 5pm.

Back at the hotel Henry is tired and sore but doing great. He's looking forward to a big event this weekend - a major new release:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so grateful all went safe and sound on Friday! Please know that you three EXTREMELY remarkable people are in my thoughts and prayers. Mom and Dad, thanks for the updates. I pray His strength and grace continues to wrap around you.

I love you all,

5:06 PM  

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