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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Trying To Keep Up

Managing the changes in Henry's current treatment is like holding on to mercury. We found that the phase one study at Duke that we were entering is temporarily closed while adjustments are made to the toxicity levels of the drugs. Meanwhile Henry will be on the Avastin-CPTS11 therapy. We all agreed that it was wise to put in a new port, but, since the Avastin inhibits healing, would require at least two weeks post surgery before that can be administered.

It was decided to fly Mama and Henry back home a day early and install the port asap in Savannah. We got an appointment for this morning (Wed, 11/28), and the first round of CPTS (without the Avastin) will be administered here. The Avastin will be added two weeks later.

It may be that all the treatments of this two-drug plan will be given in Savannah.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds complicated, but I bet you are glad he's closer to home. I love the knight costume by the way!

10:19 AM  
Anonymous grandma said...

Henry, How was your turkey day? So
you have been to Durham and Savannah since we heard from you.
You will always be in our prayers.
Lamar should have got the message
that he is not welcome.

We love you. Grandma Dot & Charles

PS Your Mom is a great nurse.

10:38 AM  
Blogger bug/applehead said...

I love daddy's tribute to mama. beautiful expression of feelings from one beautiful person to another. You are three miraculous people whom I love and am betting on. all love to our knight in shining armour. bug

12:19 PM  

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