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Monday, April 02, 2007

Why Is Tonight Different From All Other Nights?

At the entrance of the chapel at St. Jude Hospital

Wednesday, March 21, the vernal equinox brought the first day of spring.

Thursday, March 22, Our great friend Mrs. M had her last day of Radiation and completed her active treatment.

Friday, March 23, Henry had his last day of radiation and ended his active treatment.

Saturday, March 24, Henry, Mama and Dad returned home.

Monday, April 2, Passover begins.

Wednesday, April 4, Mrs. M and her family will come visit us for a week-long celebration.

Sunday, April 8, is Easter.

I have never placed a great significance on coinciding events in nature, culture, or one's life. Nevertheless, there often is an irresistible urge to find meaning in such a convergence. Personally, I am drawn to the poetry of the synergism, a sort of resonance that provides a backdrop: a lyrical landscape that can inform and enhance the attempts to put our feelings and experiences into perspective.

Not for nothing that many societies welcome spring with holidays, celebrations and rituals. The symbolism of rebirth, salvation, and new life following a season of bleak and barren winter is simply too potent to refuse.

So we too embrace the spring with joy and optimism, looking at all our lives anew.

And for now, at least, we have been passed over.

- Dad


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