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Thursday, March 08, 2007

For Reasons I Cannot Explain, There's Some Part of Me Wants To See Graceland

Dad just left Memphis on Thursday. It gets harder to leave with every visit.

We did have a great time. Uncle S, Aunt S and Cousin P visited from Atlanta. Besides Graceland, we saw the Peabody Ducks yet again, but this time Henry and Cousin P were the Honorary Duckmasters, and led the parade from the fountain, up the elevator, and into the rooftop duck palace. We also visited the zoo, and continued our exploration of Memphis cuisine.

Back on the hospital front, Henry continues to do well. As the radiation goes on he has lost his appetite and sometimes feels a little sick, but his spirits are generally high. He is much more stable on his feet and regaining balance and coordination. His voice and swallowing issues continue; he has been instructed to avoid certain foods that could catch in the throat. There is, however, noticeable improvement in his pitch and volume.

It is sobering to be treated at St. Jude and residing at the Ronald McDonald house where we meet so many other children with tumors, and hear of their victories and setbacks. Henry found a new good friend - also ten years old and also with ependymoma - who just had his fourth surgery following two recurrences.

For some really good news, Henry had a psychological exam last week. It actually was an academic assessment. The way the tests are structured, subjects just keep on doing the exercises until they are too difficult to continue. Henry's tests went on for almost 5 hours. He scored in the 99th percentile in almost every area. The examiner was very impressed, not just with the scores, but with Henry's whole approach in tackling the exam: he was focused but relaxed, having fun and being funny. Apparently most subjects who do well are more intense and somewhat stressed.

One more reason to be proud Mama & Papa.

A final passing thought brought on by our visit to Graceland:

It is obvious that Elvis was a man of infinite talent.

...And finite taste...


Blogger drew wiggins said...

hey henry it is your old frined drew. i read some of your page and heard you are doing good. sorry i didn't restock your ice cream.
your friend,

11:56 PM  

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