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Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Love, Hope and Prayers"

It was the end of a very long, very hard two weeks. Henry's spirits had bottomed out. The new treatments leave him nauseous and very tired, and even if he had more energy, the delights of Durham are few for a middle-schooler. He was very homesick. Dad left home at 4:30am on Friday [May 14] to meet Mama and Henry at the clinic, help check out of the hotel, and share with Mama the long drive home.

Henry's mood improved almost immediately once on the road. He joked, napped, chatted, enjoyed a stop at Taco Bell, and napped some more. But nothing made him feel better than running up to the house and entering the front door. Among the joys waiting was a package from his Godmother Nancy, Godfather Charlie, Aunt Lauda, Uncle Bill and Cousin Willie. Inside he found the beautiful quilt pictured above. On the back it reads:

This Prayer Quilt was made for
with Love, Hope and Prayers.
Each knot represents a prayer said just for you.

January 2008

The Prayer Quilt Ministry
Church of the Ascension Montgomery, AL

Also waiting (besides the dog and cats was a package from our Seattle friends, who sent a veritable treasure chest of Nintendo goodies, including a Wii carrying case two Nintendo hats, and, best of all, a pre-release copy of the much-coveted Super Smash Brothers Brawl, autographed by Sakuri, a famous game designer for Nintendo. He also got a great gift bag for St. Patrick's Day (his favorite holiday - after Christmas, natch!) from Cousin Tay.

Henry has hardly stopped smiling since he got home, and all of us continue to be astounded by the continuing outpour of wishes, cards, gifts...and the uplift that comes with it. We have simply been incapable of keeping up with the due gratitude to the many, many thoughtful people who follow Henry's story and urge him forward. Please know that we think of you in our hearts everyday, and in our own feeble way offer love and wishes in return.


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