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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Veteran's Day

We left the house at about 9:45 am on November 11 and headed out to the small marina about ten miles from our house. We met Captain Adam, boyish and affable, who led us down the dock to the small powerboat waiting for us.

It was a brilliant morning as our boat left the dock and made its way slowly through the no-wake zones and out of Skull Creek. As we drifted by we observed some of our local hangouts: restaurants, the docks where we enjoyed the annual water festival, and the area where the community gathers every year for Fourth of July fireworks.

We were accompanied by a host of waterfowl, mostly pelicans seeking out an early lunch, and we were greeted by a small group of dolphins playfully passing by.

As we approached Port Royal Sound, Captain Adam sped up and masterfully guided the boat into the deep water off of Dolphin Head. It was just approaching 11:00 am as he positioned the boat with its bow facing a strip of beach where we walk to the "Wishing Tree," an old dried up trunk with a spiderweb of branches that we decorate with sea shells.

Off the port side we could locate the Dolphin Head playground and we could see the forked tree that frames our bench.

Mama opened her canvas carrying case and lovingly lifted out the simple wooden box.

"Are we sure?"

"Yes we are. It's good."

As the gentle wind from the northeast suddenly subsided, we opened the box and, at exactly eleven minutes after the hour, we spread our precious cargo into the water.

We sprinkled some rose petals, followed by hydrangea blooms. We tossed buds of begonias and baby white flowers from our garden. We saved the rosemary for last.

As the sun shone like glittering silver on the water, we watched as the floating petals drifted out to sea.

During the slow ride back to the marina, the dolphins waved goodbye.

Henry was a veteran too.