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Monday, October 06, 2008

The Service

The Sanctuary at St. Luke's is a lovely place: High vaulting ceilings that let in plenty of light and air, yet intimate and comforting.

The proceedings were coordinated by Kathi B, Dad's boss (and friend of twenty years).

Music was the glue binding the proceedings. A Beatles-heavy selection of recorded prelude music culminated in the riveting A Capella version of "Because," followed by Reverend Tom, of the Unitarian Church, marking the 11:11 am hour by sounding a Tibetan gong. A very sweet rendition of "Blackbird," featuring gentle grand piano accompaniment, led to reflections from Henry's Godfather, who described Henry's life as a conscious choice directed to a spiritual purpose.

Henry's music teacher had visited Henry at home and played the cello for him. At the service she reprised her performance of "Scarborough Fair" with Dad accompanying on guitar. Henry's middle school principal brilliantly brought our memories of Henry to life using the words of his classmates. Our local Gullah gospel choir sang with soaring joy, and the family exited the church to "Here Comes the Sun."

After the receiving line, guests enjoyed a sunny reception of lemonade, cookies and other baked goods provided by volunteers from the local school of creative arts.

We were surrounded by family, friends, coworkers, and an amazingly supportive community. Henry's friends and schoolmates were touching in their sincere respect, mourning and concern.

It was a loving and gentle tribute that touched everyone's hearts...a little like Henry himself.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry I couldn't be there! It sounds like a beautiful service.

Jenny Dots

4:54 PM  
Anonymous Julie B said...

It sounds like it was a wonderful tribute and a beautiful service celebrating Henry's life. I am praying for you daily. I know the hurt is very painful now and you see no end in site, but time heals if you let it. Please stay stong for Henry and his wonderful memory!


9:35 PM  
Blogger theatreknitter said...

what a wonderful tribute and celebration. Henry clearly wanted everyone to have a great day.

6:28 PM  
Blogger theatreknitter said...

a wonderful tribute and memory for everyone to share. Henry will forever be making days and nights brighter.

6:31 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Henry last May while attending my sister's performance in "Hearts for Henry". I was truly touched by the strength and love that I felt between the three of you. Since that time, my thoughts and prayers have always been with Henry and your family. During Henry's summer trip to New York, I had the honor once again to visit with him. I would like to personally thank you for sharing Henry's journey, as it has inspired so many.

Kim Torns

9:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was their in prayer... as I do everyday at 11:11. It has become my moment of mindfulness for the day.


9:49 PM  

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